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Ways to Attract People at
Trade Show Exhibits

Written by: Akua Hinds

November 2, 2015


Ways to Attract People At Trade Show Exhibits by Akua Hinds

Did you know that many successful businesses became prosperous because of their participation at trade show events?  If you are a business owner, the same fate could happen for you and your business.  Entrepreneurs and small-business owners often use public events such as tradeshows to promote their services to the public because trade shows generate foot traffic and opportunities to connect with potential customers face to face.  Purchasing a booth or table at a trade show exhibit need not be expensive, depending upon the show that you are involved in.  However, you should do anything possible to make your participation at a trade show pay off for your business. 

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.  The image that you project at your trade show booth or table will impact whether or not consumers choose to do business with you.  If you want to attract people to your table, you and your table need to look well put together.  Bold and appealing signage will inspire people to visit your table and learn about what your business offers.  Whenever possible, create signage using your business’ official colours.  Pictures are very helpful for selling products.  Display photographs, brochures and any visual marketing material at your booth so that customers can see what your business offers.  For example, if the service you are marketing is a weight loss system, display before and after pictures of someone who has lost weight from utilizing your services. 

When patrons at trade shows ask what you do, explain your business in more detail to them.

Imagery is a great way to draw people towards your trade show table but you need to find a way to keep them there.  Make eye contact with people who are walking towards your booth or table.  Smile at them and ask them how they are enjoying the event.  When patrons at trade shows ask what you do, explain your business in more detail to them.  If you are able to, work with at least one or two other people at the trade show to help generate traffic towards your display.  One of the people on your team could walk around and encourage patrons to visit your booth while you remain at the table to greet people when they arrive.  Your promotional partner can inform customers about any draw prizes and incentives that you are offering.

Customers love receiving free gifts and would likely participate in a free draw prize that your business offers.  Your business will benefit from offering a draw prize as well because the contact information patrons disclose on their draw ballots can be used by you to inform patrons about future promotions and events that your business will be offering.  Before the actual trade show takes place, tell everyone you know about it and encourage them to attend the show.  Contact your local community newspaper and ask them to do a feature story on your presence at the trade show and your business.  Using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to notify people that you will be offering a free draw prize if they attend the trade show could inspire people to attend the event. 

Offer a free draw prize to patrons who visit your booth at a trade show.

Whether you are a novice in your business or an experienced professional, participating in a trade show can give your business the exposure that it needs.  In the current economy, consumers want to have confidence in the companies they choose to do business with.  Trade shows provide great opportunities for you as a business person to interact with consumers and educate them about how your business can help their lives.  If you enjoy participating in these types of events,  but you find the cost of participating in trade shows in your community to be too expensive, consider hosting your own trade show and invite other business owners to be vendors at your show for a modest fee.  Your trade show appearance can provide chances for you to meet people who could become your future loyal customers and supporters.  Participating at a trade show could be a very successful way to market your business and to establish your brand. 

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