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The Importance of Attending Business Events

Written by: Akua Hinds

January 31, 2019



Immersing yourself in the networking and education events that will help you to enhance your business can be life-changing in every way.  I had the great foresight to register for the Pure Romance Success Strategy Weekend (SSW) that took place earlier this month in Toronto.  The event was so amazing and I learned so much.  Attending this event helped me to understand how valuable business education events are.  Even though you can learn a lot of business information on the internet through webinars and livestream video conference, it is very important to show up at events in person, and here is why:

When You Show Up You Go Up

It really is true that when you are proactive and present in your business, your focus on your business will increase and you will see the results that you want.  I have found this to be true multiple times throughout my life; when I put forth a dedicated effort in a project whether it is a personal project or a professional project, I achieve good things. 

When you have your own business you need to show your business that you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.  Of course, showing your business that you are willing is really you showing yourself and also the universe that you are willing to take yourself and your business seriously.  When you take your business seriously you will be rewarded in kind. 

The Opportunity to Learn New Information

There is always something new to learn and discover! I learned about some of the products in our product line that I had not had an opportunity to try yet.  I also learned new ways to connect with my customers.  As well, I learned new ways to live my best life possible.  There are usually experts teaching classes at business events and there is nothing better than learning from people who have lived through the experience of getting to a place in life that you want to be in. 

I learned that most people who are successful in their businesses had humble beginnings.  But, it’s not where you start that counts; what matters most is where you finish.  Life is about growing and changing.  Life is not about staying the same.  We should all be willing to grow and learn.  What is even more important is that we cast our nets widely so that we can share what we have learned with other people who need to benefit from our guidance and experiences.

New Perspectives Can Be Developed

When you treat your business like it is a hobby, you will not be paid like an executive.  Treating your business like a business will result in you earning the kind of income that you want.  Not everyone enjoys work seminars and workshops, but I have always enjoyed.  There is so much to learn from group events that are focused on achieving success. 

I learned that even top leaders in the business have moments where they doubt their abilities to move their businesses to the next level.  But, they find ways to motivate themselves and rise above their feelings of doubt because they know that if they don’t do so, their goals will not be fulfilled.  When you are unsure of that direction to take your business in, attending business events will give you plenty of ideas on how to take your business to the next level. 

The Art of Preparation Will Be Emphasized

I watched a video on YouTube recently, and three top leaders in the direct sales industry were featured.  One of the leaders featured said that she is glad that she took her business seriously from the beginning of her career because when she unexpectedly went through a divorce, she was easily able to financially support herself because of the money that she had earned through her business. 

We never know exactly what the future holds, but we all know that what we do today affects our tomorrow.  We sleep this evening so that we can be well-rested and prepared to face the day tomorrow.  We eat today so that we will have energy for today and tomorrow.  And, we should work today and whenever it is possible for us to work so that we can be prepared to handle unexpected emergencies should they come up. 

Being at business events will help you to plan and paint the picture of what you want your business to look like and be like.  Another bonus of attending business events is that you will discover whether or not you feel you want to continue with your business or if you want to pursue a different path. 

Akua Hinds works as a journalist, actress, music performer & instructor,  marketing director and owner of 3 dating sites www.InterracialDesires.net, www.RichSinglesDate.net, www.ChristianPartner.co, and Pure Romance by Akua Hinds at www.PureRomance.ca/AkuaHinds & www.PureRomance.com/AkuaHinds selling passion products.  Please visit www.AkuaHinds.com for more information.

 InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!
InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!