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Signs You Love Your Job More Than You Love Him

Written by: Akua Hinds

March 16, 2018

Signs You Love Your Job More Than You Love Him.  Written by: Akua Hinds


Having a career can be a blessing, especially when you love your work and you want to use your job to fulfill personal and professional goals.  Relationships can help goals to be achieved as well, but there may be times in life when you need to sacrifice one for other.  Is work/life balance a priority to you?  If not, it really needs to be a priority, especially if you have a man in your life who is complaining about the amount of time you invest in your career compared to the amount of time that you could be spending with him.  Here are signs that you love your job more than you love him:

1. You cannot bear the thought of spending more than two days away from your email because you don’t want to miss out on important communications with clients.  Yet, it does not faze you to go three days without texting or calling your guy.

2. You feel excited when you wake up in the morning and your first thought is about work; not about him.

3. Instead of sending text messages to your main man during your lunch hour, you would rather read an industry magazine or do something to enhance your career. After all, you have to seize the day in order to get ahead, right?

4. The perfect date in your mind is one where you can have cocktails with your partner and with clients at the same time.  Combining business with pleasure is your favourite way to enjoy your romance.

5. You feel irritated when your guy suggests that you play hooky from work and spend the day hanging out with him.  Is he crazy?  Work comes first no matter what.

6. You are more excited about attending work social functions with him than you are to spend time with him one-on-one.

7. Taking a business trip is like heaven on earth, but personal vacations with your beau feel too long if they are longer than seven days long.

8. You have forgotten a few dates with your man (and you have apologized for that) but you have never forgotten a meeting with a client.

9. You have more pictures of yourself smiling at work than you have of you smiling with your man.

10.You feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment when you think about what you have achieved throughout your career, but when it comes to your relationship, you have not yet thought about what you want the future to hold for you and your mate.

InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!
InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!

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