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How You Can Become an Icon through Direct Sales

Written by: Akua Hinds

July 7, 2017


How You Can Become An Icon Through Direct Sales. Written by: Akua Hinds

Colour me surprised when I saw on Tori Spelling’s Instagram page this week that she had joined Nu Skin as a distributor.  I’ve used Nu Skin products in the past, and their products are good quality.  You’re probably accustomed to seeing celebrities endorsing and promoting brands for profit, but not many celebrities turn to direct sales companies to earn a living.  Many celebrities have their own cosmetics, fragrance, and skin care lines, and that’s why I was shocked to see a celebrity like Tori Spelling joining an already established network marketing company.  However, to me, it makes perfect sense for a public figure to get involved in direct sales if they have the time for it, and here’s how you can develop a career as an iconic leader through having a direct sales business:

Posting Unique and Enjoyable Content

We live in a day and age where we all have the power to immediately create images and content that can be accessed by billions of people worldwide.  Thanks to the internet and social media, I can view content about topics that spark my interests, and I can do all of that right from home or from anywhere I’m at.  I can also create content that the world can see, and you can do the same.  Through social media, you can create a powerful global brand for yourself that will reach people who can become your fans, customers, and friends. 

How You Can Become an Icon Through Direct Sales. Written by: Akua Hinds

You can and should use your social media accounts to promote your direct sales brand, but it’s important to have a healthy balance between posting personal and promotional content.  If you post too many business ads, you risk alienating your followers who don’t want to be promoted to all of the time.  Be sure to double check all of your social media accounts to ensure that your business website link is posted.  As long as your website link is posted on the bio pages on your social media sites, then your followers can access your business and become customers if they choose to. 

Opportunity to be Creative

Direct sales companies are paying you to promote their brands.  Just think about that for a minute: as a direct sales business owner you can be the model, spokesperson, and public relations person for your independent business.  This is wonderful if you enjoy speaking, modeling, and being creative.  Professional models and celebrities get paid millions of dollars to promote brands, and if you work your direct sales business consistently, the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can be paid.  And when your social media followers decide to become your customers, you’ll be directly compensated.  

Last year, I did some promotion for an entertainment company, and although they gave me free admission to their shows, I didn’t get paid one cent to promote their business.  After my brief stint with that company ended, I promised myself that I would never publicly promote another company unless I was being paid to do it.  I’m happy to privately refer businesses to other people.  However, I’m already being paid by the companies I am affiliated with to promote them whenever I want to, and promoting those companies will always be more of a priority than promoting companies that aren’t paying me. 

Showcase Your Talents

Your skills can truly shine through a direct sales business.  If you have a talent for acting, you can create your own commercials to promote your direct sales journey.  Do you like to write?  Because if you do, you can create blogs and those blogs can be used to drive traffic to your business’ website.  There are many ways that you can incorporate your talents and beliefs into the way you build your business. As you build your direct sales business, you’ll receive multiple opportunities to coach and mentor other people.  Through social media sites such as YouTube, Voxer, and Twitter, your posts can attract people to your brand, and those people might never have given your brand a second glance if it weren’t for your marketing and leadership efforts.

If you think that you’d like to give direct sales a try, it’s best to join a company that offers products and services that you would feel at peace with promoting.  You will have more success convincing people to take your business seriously when you feel that you’re in your element representing the company.  Take a look at the social media pages of top leaders of direct sales companies, and you’ll see many comments on their posts from followers who praise and appreciate the motivational impact of the posts.  Think of your social media presence as your stage where you can present who you are to a captive audience. When people like your posts, they will likely share your posts and tag other people to view them as well.  Instead of just building yourself a local fan base, you can build a global one that continually grows. 

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