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How to Use Article Marketing to Promote Your Business

Written by: Akua Hinds

February 16, 2016


How to Use Article Marketing to Promote Your Business. Written by Akua Hinds.


Entrepreneurs know just how much effort is required to get a company off the ground.  Businesses need customers and referrals to keep the business afloat, but they also need to advertise their business to attract attention and secure the sale.  There are several different ways to advertise but purchasing newspaper, television or radio ad space is expensive and there is no guarantee that the customers will come as a result of using those methods.  This is where article marketing comes in as a handy tool to promote your business because through article marketing, you can build a brand for yourself and for your business. 

Starting a new business can be challenging,  and every little bit of positive attention you can draw to yourself and to your business is crucial in building a loyal customer base.  In order to make article marketing work for you, possessing superior writing skills is a must!  Knowing everything about the subject at hand is not enough to lure eyes to your articles; you must convey the subject matter in an interesting and factual way and find a good place to post your articles.  Say for example that you are a plumber and you want to share your knowledge about pipes with the masses but you aren’t sure just WHERE to share the information.  Your articles need to be accessible to millions to increase your chances of success with article marketing.

Write content on your blog that appeals to you readers.

Joining credible publishing websites where membership is free is a good start, and creating a blog is a good idea too.  Write articles and post videos of you interviewing people who impact the industry that you work in.  You can use your biography page to list your credentials as well as post links to your company website.  Then, once you publish and post your content, share your links on social media websites such as Pinterest, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Once the articles and videos are published online, more people will learn about you.  They will form opinions that you are an expert in your field and they will more than likely support your business.  If your content is really good, people will most likely share it with their friends, which can lead to even more business possibilities for you. 

Emailing your articles to every person on your contact list is a great way to create a stir about your business.  Even though you want to focus on writing about topics that best relate to your line of work, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally publish content about other topics that your fans would be interested in.   The reader might get curious to learn more about you after reading your article and decide to contact you about your business, even if that is not why they were attracted to reading your article in the first place.  Remember, every person who reads one of your articles could be a potential customer in the future.  There are other people competing with you for business, so when you write your articles, make them sound real and captivating.  Use strong key words and avoid sounding long-winded and pretentious.  The reader should feel like they are sitting with you in their living room having an easy chat about the topic you are writing about.  Work diligently to promote your business through article marketing and you could establish your credibility while increasing your profits at the same time.

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