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How to build a healthy relationship with yourself

Written by: Akua Hinds

August 31, 2015

To me, you are perfect


No man or woman is an island. Each person on earth is here because a relationship existed between their parents. Human beings are wired to want to be in relationships because we are products of relationships. Although relationships with other people are important, the most important human relationship is the one you have with yourself. How you treat yourself and how you think about yourself is very important.  Here are three tips to helping yourself feel better.

Tip 1: Spend time with yourself

Life can get hectic at times if you allow it to spiral out of control.  You need to create opportunities in your schedule to have “quiet time.” This should be time when you spend solo time reading blogs, books, and articles.  Aim to schedule at least 2 hours of solo time per week, and use that time to focus on appreciating how unique and wonderful you are. Use this time to learn about things you want to know more about.  You can also spend your quiet time cooking, watching television, listening to the radio, singing, praying, playing the piano, or whatever you enjoy doing.  Take the initiative to know and appreciate yourself and your thoughts. 

Tip 2: Spend time with kind people

Good people can breathe life and inspiration into you.  The expression “birds of a feather flock together,” is certainly true.  Kindness tends to beget kindness.  Invest your time in people who invest positivity back into you.  Make it a priority to seek out quality mentors.  And, make every effort to be kind to yourself and to others.

Tip 3: Accept your life

There are many things that are within your control, but there are also things about your life that you have no control over.  Accept it.  You cannot go back in time and change how you were raised, how you were treated, and how you used to think.  However, have the power to make your life as successful as you need to be.  Be patient with yourself while recognizing when you need to approach changes with urgency.  Know and understand that everything you do today will impact your tomorrows, so, live life as wisely and happily as you can. Understand that you will make mistakes while on your life journey.  Have the courage to learn from your trials and move forward. 

You are the number one constant in your life, and how you feel about yourself will directly impact your relationships with other people.  Make it your mission to accept yourself, your past, and the things that you cannot change.  Treasure your quality time and use each opportunity in solitude and with others to make your life be the best that it can be. 

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