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How Home Business Owners can Manage Time More Effectively

Written by: Akua Hinds

October 12, 2016


How Home Business Owners Can Manage Time More Effectively. Written by: Akua Hinds


Do you remember the mixed feelings of pride, uncertainty, and excitement that you felt when you launched your business?  Becoming a home-based business owner is a big step.  Suddenly, the home that you have been spending money to live in will become the place where you earn your living through directing your company.  There are many different responsibilities that home based business owners have, and there are only 24 hours in a day.  How do you manage balancing running your home based business with taking care of all of the details in your personal life that need your attention?  Here are suggestions on how to manage your time effectively and meet your goals as a business owner:

Use an Agenda

There is something about a book that has pages with every date of the calendar year in it.  Those pages are silently screaming at you to write something in them!  Your agenda will help you to keep tabs on all of the tasks you complete throughout the week.  An agenda book is also a great place to list your goals and motivational quotes to help you move forward in your business.  Write timelines in your agenda for when you want to achieve your goals.  When you achieve your goals, draw a checkmark next to the goal listed on your pages.

How Home Business Owners Can Manage Time More Effectively.  Written by: Akua Hinds

Stay Focused

Don’t be surprised if friends and family members assume that they can pop by anytime they want and interrupt the flow of your work day because you aren’t working at a corporate job.  You will need to set clear boundaries with your loved ones and let them know that although you are able to have flexible working hours, you can’t always accommodate people dropping by your home unexpectedly due to your work commitments.  Your home-based business will only become successful if you are dedicated to making it a success.  Do your best to eliminate distractions.  It might even be helpful to “pencil in” some down time in your schedule so that you know when you want to take a break and cook with your children, and you know when you need to focus on doing business tasks.

Stay Informed

If you want to be a highly sought out professional in your industry, then you need to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening in your field.  If your business is selling cosmetics, then spend designated time each week reading beauty magazines or networking with people who also work in your field.  The industry that your business is part of has new things happening to it every day.  Be sure to educate yourself on a regular basis about your work industry through reading books and articles, watching videos, and networking with people who will provide the knowledge you need to help your customers.

Being a self-starter who works with discipline and focus are key factors to achieving great success as a home-based business owner.  It is okay if you are not self-disciplined at the start of your career, but you should make it your goal each day to become more productive, informed, and skilled at what you do.  Be proactive by creating an organizational system for your business asap.  Once a business starts to get rolling, it is hard to stay organized unless you had created and stuck with an organizational system early on in your business.  Your body prompts you when you’re hungry as a way to remind you that you need to eat.  Remind yourself daily about why you have chosen to work from home.  Having flexibility is great, but it’s important to create daily financial goals and strive to meet those goals.  After all, you need money in order to eat, and working your business effectively will help you to meet your financial and personal goals.  

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