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Items to Put in a Gift Basket For a Writer

Written by: Akua Hinds

October 26, 2015


 Great gifts For a Writer by Akua Hinds

Writers give so much of their talent writing informative articles, product reviews, and thought provoking fictitious and factual stories for people. These literary talents deserve special gifts to honour them and their literary contributions.  One of the best gifts you can give a writer is praise for his or her work, but if you want to prepare a gift basket of goodies, there are several items writers make use of that can fit in a gift basket. 

A holder for pencils makes a great gift for a writer!

Writers always need items that will capture or store their work.  Memory sticks are useful to all writers who write their work on the computer.  Memory sticks save files like word documents, picture files, spreadsheets and everything digital that writers need to complete their work.  Depending upon what kind of work they do, some writers need to take photographs to go along with the story they’ve written.  A secure digital (SD) card for capturing digital photographs is small and compact and can easily fit in a gift basket.  A pencil case is another great gift idea because it holds memory sticks, pens, pencils, and even cell phones!

A dictionary is an important tool for writers.

Pens, pencils, erasers and paper clips are all items that writers use on a daily basis and they are all compact enough to include in a gift basket.  Post-its and small notepads make wonderful additions to a gift basket because writers are always jotting down article ideas or inspirational ideas.  Proper word definition and the correct spelling of words are extremely important to serious writers; if their work is grammatically incorrect then they won’t be taken seriously.  Even though the dictionary and thesaurus are available on the internet, mini dictionaries and mini thesauruses are good items to include in a gift basket for a writer in case their internet connection stops working. 

An agenda helps writers track their projects.

Small calendars and daily planners are perfect gifts for writers because tracking deadlines is a huge part of their jobs.  Every writer has deadlines for their work and any gift you give that will help them get their work done on time will be highly appreciated.  Many of the suggestions noted in this article are inexpensive and can be purchase at dollar stores or at electronics stores.  Gift cards to home office supply stores or to multi-purpose stores like Wal-Mart are also handy gift items to include in a writer’s gift basket so they can purchase items of their own preference.  Any gift that encourages a writer to follow their dream and accomplish their work will be highly appreciated.

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