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Four Important Qualities to Seek In a Prayer Partner

Written by: Akua Hinds

December 7, 2017

Four Important Qualities to Seek In A Prayer Partner.  Written by: Akua Hinds


Being able to pray with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being is very comforting.  When you pray, you are letting yourself and the universe know that you believe that God is on the throne.  If you are seeking a prayer partner but you’re not sure what to look for, here are some tips:

Someone Who Shows Compassion

When you are confessing your sins, your cares, and your worries, you should do so with someone who has compassion for you and what you are going through.  Ask your prayer partner to keep your prayer requests confidential. Anyone who has compassion for you would understand the need to keep your prayers between the two of you and God. 

Someone Who Is Neutral about Your Situation

Asking family members to pray with you can be difficult when you want to pray to God about family matters.  Your relatives might reveal your prayers to other family members and what you confess might be upsetting to others.  If you’re not sure who to approach who can be neutral to your situation, try telephoning a prayer line and ask to speak to someone who is willing to pray with you over the phone.  Many large churches have prayer teams with people who will pray with anyone who calls. 

A Person Who Is Knowledgeable About Scripture

In the midst of prayer, it is a comfort and a relief to hear God’s word being spoken out immediately to address your concerns.  A prayer partner who knows God’s word and can instantly spout off scripture that is related to what you are praying about will help you to feel better because you will have proof that you are not alone in your situation and that God’s word will help you to find clues about how to solve your problem. It is easy to find scripture online, but in times when you desperately need to hear God’s word spoken aloud to you during prayer, having a prayer partner who can do that for you is a blessing!

Someone Who Has Faced Similar Challenges

Praying with someone who can relate to the situation that you are praying about can be very helpful because you won’t feel completely alone in your situation when you know that your prayer partner has experienced what you are experiencing. A person who has never experienced the situation that is weighing on your heart might not know how to pray for you.  However, a prayer partner who has been where you are and has overcome the obstacles that you are trying to overcome will help you to feel especially encouraged.

Prayer is a wonderful way to share your heart with God and with fellow Christians!  The right prayer partner can help you to find hope in your situation.  Never underestimate the power of prayers and words.  God has purposely placed people in your life who you are supposed to learn from and teach, and through prayer you can communicate with God and learn more about His will for your life.

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