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Four Fabulous Non-Romantic Valentine’s Day Plans

Written by: Akua Hinds

February 13, 2020

Four Fabulous Non-Romantic Valentine's Day Plans Written by: Akua Hinds


Valentine’s Day is touted as the most romantic day of the year, and if you are single on Valentine’s Day, the whole holiday can feel like a major bummer.  Actually, the first two WEEKS of February can be a total disappointment because every time you turn around, you are reminded of V-day.  Your local pharmacy is decorated with red balloons and hearts.  Restaurants every where are trying to convince customers to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, and even your bank has decorated the bank to resemble Cupid’s living room.  What can you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are single and not in love?  There are thankfully plenty of non-romantic options for celebrating the most romantic day of the year.  Here are a few platonic things that you should try to observe Valentine’s Day:

Special Dinner with Friends and Family

Even though you might feel like you are the only person in the world who does not have a mate, you are definitely not the only person who is single on Valentine’s Day.  Gather together with friends who are also single, and toast the new year of love together.  If you want avoid seeing couples in love, then have a potluck dinner at your house.  Valentine’s Day can certainly be about celebrating love and friendship.  Take this opportunity to show love and appreciation for your friends on Valentine’s Day.  Your friends will surely appreciate your efforts to show how much you care for them. 

Host a Love Song Marathon

Who doesn’t like karaoke events?  Showcasing your singing skills is a fun way to share your love of music with the world.  Invite your friends over to your place to have a fun karaoke night to sing songs about, what else?  Love, of course!  All of the songs you need are online, and to make it even more fun, you can divide your karaoke participants into teams. Having a love song karaoke marathon will help everyone to feel like Valentine’s Day can actually be fun whether a person is in a relationship or not.  Everyone will be too busy laughing and feeling the emotions of the songs they are singing, and they might forget completely about any loneliness they feel about being single.

InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!
InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!

Treat Yourself to Self-Love

Have you been working too much and stressing yourself out?  If so, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show yourself some self-love.  There are hundreds of massage therapists, hairstylists, and pedicurists who would love to service your needs.  Give yourself permission to relax and unwind.  If you do not have anyone in your personal life who will give you a good massage, then find a professional person who will do it for you!  Close your eyes and let yourself get pampered because you deserve it.  Treat yourself the way that you want someone else to treat you; with respect and appreciation. 

Give Back to Your Community

It sure feels good to help make the world a happier place.  Instead of lamenting about being single, do something to give another person a reason to smile.  Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, offer to babysit for a couple that you know is struggling financially, and just do anything that you can do to give someone else some happiness. 

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