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Thankful Tomorrow For Today

Written by: Akua Hinds

January 11, 2017

I have to confess.  It’s eleven days into the new year, and I still catch myself writing 2016 instead of 2017.  I still have to remind myself that the month of January is always the symbol of a calendar year, and with a new calendar year, there are new habits to form such as getting used to writing dates correctly.  Habits can be so hard to break, and yet, many people resolve to do better every new year and try to break habits that aren’t serving positive purposes.  I believe that just like a journey, breaking a bad habit begins with one step. 

I stumbled across a quote on Instagram a few days ago, and it was a quote that caused me to question every decision I’ve made and every life circumstance I’ve lived through.  Do you want to know what the quote was?  Of course you do!  I won’t keep you in suspense much longer.  Here it is; what choice will you make today that your future self with thank you for?  To me, that is such a powerful question to ask of ourselves.  I think that we as human beings tend to get lost in our habits to the point where we stop questioning whether or habits are working for us or working against us.  I’ve been noticing my counterproductive habits and have recently been taking small steps to change them.  It’s amazing how wonderful it feels to focus on creating a more productive way of life.  It’s almost like starting life all over again. 

As I reflect on habits, I think about my friend Christine’s recent post that was published on my PurePassion.biz website.  In her post, Christine had shared her past experiences working in call centers.  You’ll be able to clearly see when you read the post that Christine’s call center time was a time that she does not ever want to revisit.  When I think about the time of my life when I used to work in call centers, I think about the customer service and efficiency lessons that I learned, and I try to block out the rest of the time.  You see, I wasn’t happy working in call centers for a long time while I did it, but I chose to continue working in them for a couple of years after my discontent took root simply because I was in the habit of being there.  Even though I didn’t spend decades or even a single decade working in call center positions, I still wish that I had thought about the future more and gotten out of that type of work more quickly.  My call center jobs were part-time, but I still didn’t like the micromanagement that took place in those places, and I was very frustrated. 

My future self is glad that I made the choices to leave those work environments.  Breaking out of a mental and physical routine can be difficult, but there’s no better time to start making a change than right now.  Years from now, I want to look in the mirror and thank myself for making the necessary choices to be where I’m meant to be. 

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InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!
InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!